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Posted by Rele Anmwe
Rele Anmwe
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on Friday, 25 November 2011 in Poetry



Life is beautiful,

When all flowers bloom in Spring

Bitter-sweet are these memories-
Ageless we will be in a hundred years

From nightmares to sweet dreams

A milestone of our lives will walk each day
But our hearts may never find a true home
For our spirits may be too wrinkled 
Too wrinkled to appreciate and cherish 
The best gift we ever have-- In unity Shared...

Indeed, my life is like a blank check
Awaiting of your signature
Although not every seed grows into a tree, 
nor all true hearts yearly bloom
But in faith and true belief
I am blessed and touched by a graceful ray
For in the fond of my soul,
a droplet of love passion falls
In a world of darkness and frights
A woman stands by me with honor
By virtue of the amazing grace
We long walk together hand in hand.

As we become more alike-
Shiny silver hair and toothless we'll become
But one thing will forever stays true
Unlike the weather that changes from time to time
True we often argue and don't always agree on things
But we value our times shared-- 
Because these moments are ageless
If one day we're lost in the moment
And say things we don't really mean;
We can always trace our lives back
To where two young-hearted lovers
Crossed path in unity, to love and cherish
Each other in the hope of perfecting happiness.

We started as two tiny seeds and--
Slowly we began to grow-- Little roots here and there
And now, we are a full grown tree
We witnessed all the four seasons
And still we are here-- Not the same indeed
But we are fortunate and happy 

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