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Haiti, until death do us part, I love you.

Posted by Rele Anmwe
Rele Anmwe
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on Sunday, 18 December 2011 in Poetry

Have you ever heard of the burning desire,

or ever been seduced by the sound of a raging moan,

to see her face in your sleep, to hear her whisper in your dream, 

to long for her passion every second you breathe, 

to feel her heartbeat vibrates within your very core, 

to smell her scent like it was a summer rain, 

to taste the sweet nectar of her juicy fruit, 

I'm talking about, chery, guava, passion fruit,

strawberry, mango, pineapple, sugarcane,

oh my, oh my, hmmm, so delicious!



Have you ever seen anything that supreme, 

no illusion, no mask, no make-up, but the naked truth,

like the settling sun kissing the face of the ocean,

or the moonlight shining in harmony with the stars.

Have you ever experienced love at first sight,

to wake up one day and say, yes, this is it! 

Have you ever loved someone unconditionally,

I am talking about true love, real love, 

the type of love that can only be understood by you, 

I mean, you're so addicted, you're so obsessed, 

no wrinkles, no missing teeth, no gray hairs,

no sickness, no poverty, no lies can play havoc with your spirit...

Have you ever said, I love you until death do us part,

then to realize, love is so complicated,

that no matter what you do, satisfaction is not guaranteed.

Have you ever come face to face with a monster,

the type that jokes with you, hugs you, eats with you,

smiles with you, laughs with you, borrows from you,

dance with you, the one you help rise up on his feet,

then one day, backstabs you out of the sake of jealousy,

betray you out of the sake of being greedy, 

I'm talking about the kind you see daily, from sunrise to sunset,

at school, at work, on the street, at home, at church...

Have you ever said you would protect the one you love, 

but when time comes, you can't really do anything..., 

this is how I feel about my baby, I wish I could protect her,

each and every single day, I wish I could really cater her,

to feed her, to wash her feet, to comb her hair, to dress her,

hug her, dry her tears, make her smile, bring her flowers... sigh!

Have you ever been so much in love, that it tortures you ?

Oh well, I am in love, I'm in love with the one and only Haiti.

I see her face in my sleep, hear her whisper in my dream,

I long for her every second I breathe, I smell her perfume within the breeze,

Her heartbeat vibrates within me, I love her, she is indeed supreme,

No mask, no make-up, but only the naked truth, 

I love her unconditionally, honestly I'm addicted, I'm posessed, 

I'm obsessed, no sickness, no ill-talks can bar me from loving her. 

To only Haitian flag I bow, Haiti, until death do us part, I love you.

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